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Welcome To Bridgetown Animal Hospital

Bridgetown Animal Hospital is proud to serve the Annapolis Valley area. Our hospital is run by welcoming, well-trained and compassionate staff. We are fully equipped with two examination rooms, a comprehensive laboratory suite, digital radiology, ultrasonography, laser therapy, and surgical suite. Our surgical patients undergo complete anesthetic monitoring which includes ECG, pulse oximetry, internal body temperature and doppler blood pressure. Our licensed veterinary technician closely monitors and assists with all anesthetic procedures, which provides our clients with peace of mind when entrusting us with their pet’s care.

Dr. Susan Hall, Dr. Emily Weidhaas and Dr. Kaitlyn Buchholz are dedicated to building strong relationships with clients and patients. We are happy to answer any questions you may have via telephone or appointment. Be sure to stop by for a visit today!

About Our Hospital

Our team is committed to keeping your animal healthy all year round. Our veterinarians believe the best way to treat disease is to avoid it in the first place. Through preventative medicine, routine laboratory testing, and annual physical examinations, our team can ensure the highest quality of pet care for your animals. During your pet’s appointment, many aspects of animal health will be covered including nutrition, physical activity, and behaviour. Our veterinarians are constantly undergoing continuing education and training to be able to provide the latest technology, information and recommendations to our clients, to whom they are committed.

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